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Jeff Freeman's Roofing, Siding &
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2840 Gray Fox Rd, 
MonroeNC 28110-8422 (Map)

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Jeff Freeman started Jeff Freeman’s R, S & W, Inc. in 1990 while working for the family roofing business, and has developed an outstanding reputation in Charlotte and surrounding areas for being honest, ethical and having the utmost respect for each of his clients and their homes.

Before starting the company, Jeff worked for his family’s roofing, siding and window company which allowed him the hands-on training he needed to be successful in the industry.
Along with extensive hands on experience Jeff, his supervisors and installation crews receive training in the latest products and installation methods in order to make sure we are using the best industry practices. This is critical in order to comply with the various standard manufacturer warranties in addition to being able to offer our customers with extended warranties. 

ALL inspections/estimates are done by the owner, Jeff Freeman.

Proudly Serving Charlotte and the surrounding community for over 20 years!
No Nail Gun Policy :

Nail Guns and the Roofing Industry:
• “Shingles are blowing off of my roof!”
• “My roof is only two years old and it’s falling apart!”
• “I have whole sheets of shingles sliding off of my roof!”
• “I have leaks and my roof is only five years old!”
• “I thought I had a warranted 30 year roof!”

“My roofer isn’t returning my calls, so I called the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s representative came to my house and said there wasn’t a problem with the shingles; it’s the way they were installed.”

We are told that out of 100 calls about warranty issues that shingle manufacturers receive, at least 95 are installation errors not covered under basic shingle warranties. Half of these leaks are caused by improper nailing and the rest are other craftsmanship errors.

The single most common problem with shingle installation errors is improper nailing. The major shingle manufacturers address these issues in their installation manuals and devote thousands of dollars a year to fight this industry problem. Roofers get paid by the job, which has created a focus on speed rather than quality. The faster they can move on to the next job, the more they can make.

Almost every roof that is failing, is failing because of the way it was installed, not the materials.
The introduction of the nail gun into the roofing industry has created poor quality installations and the “new roof in one day” philosophy.

• Under-driven nails poke through shingles lying on top of them.
• Over-driven nails go all the way through the shingles.
• Nails in the wrong location cause shingles to fall apart or blow off the roof.

What is the Answer? Hand Nailing!
At Jeff Freeman Roofing, Siding and Windows, Inc. we strongly believe that the right way to install a nail is with a hammer. The only way to ensure that a nail is driven to the proper depth and in the proper location is with a hammer.

Call us today at 704.283.1177.

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